Expanded Learning Opportunities


When selecting an expanded learning opportunity (ELO) for the children in your program, it’s a good idea to find out what most appeals to them, as well as what might be most beneficial to them. Choose from a vast array of ELO activities in the areas of academics, health and wellness, integrated arts and creativity, and positive youth development. Click on an area of interest below to view a list of ELO providers, their offerings and contact information.












Green Mouse Academy
9153 Roan Lane
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33436

Green Mouse Academy helps students ‘Connect the Dots’ through project-based learning referred to as Technology Arts. The goal of Green Mouse Academy is to provide children with exposure to hands-on, quality-enriched activities such as academic enhancement, culture, service-learning, life skills, career exploration and recreational opportunities. Students explore theme-based activities in teams while developing their skills in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, as well as language and literacy. Sites may choose from a variety of topics based on interest, preference and suitability for their participants. Programs include units in LEGO Robotics, Stop-Motion Animation, Digital Art and Computer Game Design.  Through project-based learning activities, students put 21st century skills into practice while utilizing engaging technology-related tools and resources. Initial session(s) are designed to introduce the topic, resources, skills and project stream.  Follow-up sessions focus on participants applying what they’ve learned through problem-solving analysis and innovation (often involving team-building skills).

Amy Erickson, Program Director
Email: amy.erickson@greenmouseacademy.com
Phone: (561) 630-6549

Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County - Afterschool Reads
3651 Quantum Blvd.
Boynton Beach, FL 33426

After School Reads (ASR), a program of the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County, bringshigh quality reading, math and science lessons to children across the county. Each session runs for eight weeks during the school year and six weeks in the summer.  Technology is integrated into the program through the use of iPads with ASR bringing 13 iPads to every site each week; allowing children to follow up on the day’s story through a related application. Older children are given the opportunity to bring stories to life through the use of Stop Motion Animation.  During KidzScience, a choice program within ASR, students complete a different science experiment every week.  Children are engaged and excited about listening to the weekly book, and site staff has the ability to observe a high quality, literacy rich lesson week after week.

Meredith Fraysure, After School Reads Manager
Email: mfraysure@literacypbc.org
Phone: (561) 279-9103

South Florida Science Center and Aquarium
4801 Dreher Trail North
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

The South Florida Science Center and Aquarium’s (SFSCA) outreach incorporates a layering method for disseminating science-specific topics, such as Squid Dissection, Crime Scene Sleuths and Chemical Concoctions Labs.  The series includes five outreach sessions by SFSCA staff and a visit to the center for a museum exploration.  These expanded learning opportunities are designed to provide afterschool sites with inquiry-based science curriculum through hands-on experiences.  The afterschool professionals meet with a museum educator prior to the program and work closely with the educator throughout the program.

Carla Duhaney, Director of Education
Email: cduhaney@sfsciencecenter.org
Phone: (561) 832-1988

Palm Beach Zoo
1301 Summit Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
Phone: (561) 533-0887

The Palm Beach Zoo offers six one-hour S.T.E.M. (Science, technology, engineering or math)-based outreach sessions to afterschool sites serving grades K - 5 (ages 5 -10) to present a positive and enriching educational experience.  The children also receive a field trip to the zoo animal hospital and participate in a guided zoo tour.  The visits incorporate aspects of all of the outreach programs taught for their grade level at their site.  The zoo may also allow for self-guided exploration of the zoo, under the supervision of the afterschool practitioner. This portion of the ELO will include an activity that can be administered by the afterschool practitioner and completed during the zoo visit. 

Amanda Clough, Education Coordinator
Email: education@palmbeachzoo.org
Phone: (561) 533-0887 ext. 229

Positive Youth Development

5913 South Dixie Highway, Suite D
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

ASPIRA utilizes the ASPIRA Youth Leadership Development Model, nationally recognized for best practices, as the foundation for its work.  This model builds upon the strengths of students as opposed to deficiencies in order to build leadership skills.  ASPIRA  promotes academic achievement and graduation, as well as college and career readiness.   The ASPIRA curriculum is used in conjunction with Second Step curriculum to target leadership skills development and violence, substance abuse and delinquency prevention. As ASPIRA utilizes Parliamentary procedures, both elementary and middle school youth are challenged to think critically and strategically as they elect officers, manage club business, assist in leading ice breakers, and develop and execute community service projects.  Youth in the middle school programs will have the opportunity to participate in additional leadership skill building activities and events throughout the year, such as outside community service projects, ASPIRA Club Federation meetings, the annual Muchachas/Muchachos conference (held at Palm Beach State College) and the annual Youth Awards Ceremony.  In this way, ASPIRANTES are provided with supportive experiences in order to lead, guide and assist others in their communities.

Cathy Anaya, Regional Director
Email: canaya@fl.aspira.org
Phone: (561) 533-9790

Florida Fishing Academy, Inc.
7067 Peninsula Court
Lake Worth, Florida 33467

The Florida Fishing Academy (FFA) empowers youth with positive life skills, alternatives to destructive or antisocial behavior and a sense of responsibility for shaping the world around them. FFA uses fishing and other water sports as a vehicle for delivering these lessons, weaving effective life, environmental and social skills into a youth-oriented, hands-on educational program through youth camps and field trips. FFA curriculum includes teaching youth basic fishing skills, water safety, environmental awareness, problem-solving and other life skills. Sessions incorporate the Botvin Lifeskills evidence-based strategies into the fishing courses, creating the signature “Angling for a Healthy Future” curriculum.

Richard Brochu, Executive Director
Phone: (561) 740-7227

Junior Achievement of Palm Beach County - Train the Trainer
6903 Vista Parkway North, Suite 10
West Palm Beach, FL 33411

Junior Achievement (JA) is dedicated to giving young people the knowledge and skills they need to own their economic success, plan for their future and make smart academic and economic choices. JA provides a “Train the Trainer” program where afterschool professionals gain 21st teaching techniques such as positive reinforcement, group dynamics, facilitation skills, the use of empathetic tone, open-ended questions and paired sharing to facilitate financial literacy curriculum such as “More than Money” and “It’s My Business.”  

Claudia Barto, Director of Programs
Email: cbarto@juniorachievement.com
Phone: (561) 242-9468

Junior Achievement of Palm Beach County - Biz Camp
6903 Vista Parkway North, Suite 10
West Palm Beach, FL 33411

JA Biz Camp is a week-long summer camp that teaches the principles of entrepreneurship, workforce readiness and personal financial literacy in a hands-on way. During JA Biz Camp, each participant starts as a job candidate and becomes a business professional and/or an entrepreneur. Through daily lessons, hands-on activities and active participation in a simulated community designed to support differentiated learning styles, students develop a strong understanding of the relationship between what they learn and their successful participation in a local economy.

Claudia Barto, Director of Programs
Claudia Barto, Director of Programs
Email: cbarto@juniorachievement.com
Phone: (561) 242-9468

Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County - Turning Bullies into Buddies
3651 Quantum Blvd.
Boynton Beach, FL 33426

Turning Bullies into Buddies is a literature-based character education program of the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County with a focus on anti-bullying. Trained staff visit afterschool and camp programs to lead six or more lessons that motivate youth to read about and address essential social and emotional topics, as well as how to apply positive coping strategies and social skills. Books are followed with discussions and engaging hands-on activities with music, art, sports and technology that foster friendships, empathy, responsibility, tolerance, acceptance, respect, compassion, kindness and caring.  The program also provides dynamic lessons to launch the anti-bullying celebration called Pink Shirt Day. 

Nancy Birardi
Email: nbirardi@literacypbc.org
Phone: (561) 767-3355

Resource Depot
2510 Florida Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Resource Depot’s REimagine Environmental Stewardship series creates awareness, responsiveness and activism among today’s youth regarding how the cycle of waste, which they as human beings actively participate in, can be affected by their conscious, positive actions toward the environment. The children discover several strategies, most specifically, reuse, that can help reduce the amount of materials coming and going in the waste stream cycle. They will be able to communicate and demonstrate how, with a little thought, effort, and compassion, small actions can make positive change in their homes, schools and larger community.

Chelsea Odum, Education & Program Coordinator
Email: education@resourcedepot.net
Phone: (561) 882-0090 x 102

The Arc of Palm Beach County
1201 Australian Ave.
Riviera Beach, FL 33404
Phone: (561) 842-3213

The Arc of Palm Beach County improves the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities, and their families, through services, education and advocacy. The Arc offers specialized instruction and support to facilitate the inclusion of children with special needs into afterschool programs for elementary- age children in Palm Beach County. The Arc trains afterschool professionals on inclusion strategies and offers child-specific special needs training. Additional afterschool professionals are served through outreach via drop-in visits to promote awareness.

Julie Lodell, Director of Recreation
Email: jlodell@arcpbc.org
Phone: (561) 804-4910


Health and Wellness

YMCA of South Palm Beach County
Devos YMCA of Boynton Beach-Blum Family

9600 South Military Trail
Boynton Beach, FL 33436
Phone: (561) 395-9622

The YMCA endeavors to create a healthier generation by providing well-rounded programming integrating wellness education components to reinforce the health experience to elementary and middle school-aged youth. The YMCA provides a variety of wellness and physical activities ranging from six to ten week sessions in duration that are implemented year-round. Participating sites can choose from a menu of physical activity offerings such as ultimate Frisbee, hockey, yoga, soccer, Zumba, hip hop, step dance, basketball, tennis, speed stacking and double Dutch. The activities focus on engaging all of the youth in non-competitive and all-inclusive progressive skill-building activities. 

Sara Jones, Director of Community Wellness
Email: sjones@ymcaspbc.org
Phone: (561) 536-1432

Florida Introduces Physical Activity and Nutrition to Youth, Inc. (FLIPANY)
819 NE 26th St. 
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305

FLIPANY connects children, families and adults with healthy food by teaching them how to prepare healthy, tasty, low-cost snacks and meals. FLIPANY delivers an evidence-based, six-week Cooking Matters for Kids and Teens courses. These courses work toward preventing obesity by providing children with experiences related to nutrition, cooking, healthy eating habits and physical activity. The curriculum is designed to be learner-centered and is very hands-on.  Resources and materials pertaining to the lessons the children/youth are learning in each session are sent home to share with families.

Lynne Kunins, Executive Director
Email: Lkunins@flipany.org
Phone: (954) 636-2388

Integrated Arts & Creativity 

Center for Creative Education
425 24th Street
West Palm Beach, FL 33407

CADRE (Creative Arts Designed to Reinforce Education) is an arts integration program offered by the Center for Creative Education to eligible out-of-school time programs in Palm Beach County. Its instructional units are designed to allow children to explore their creativity and learn about art and its many forms, while reinforcing skills, knowledge, and concepts related to traditional classroom subjects during out-of-school time. This hands-on, integrated approach to learning not only allows for youth to explore a variety of artistic media, but as indicated above, reinforces traditional subject matters taught during school hours.

Jerry Crank, Program Director
Email: jerryC@cceflorida.org
Phone: (561) 805-9927

Lake Worth Playhouse
713 Lake Avenue
Lake Worth, FL  33460

The Lake Worth Playhouse Multicultural Arts Program provides performing arts education through introductory workshops to underserved youth populations in Palm Beach County. Participating youth learn acting, dancing and improvisational skills; gain performance experience; and most importantly, build a sense of community and individual empowerment with the added bonus of fun.  Some of the themes to be explored are friendship, learning, leadership, commitment, conflict resolution, empathy, respect, diversity, courage sharing and more.

Shonna Rash, Education Director
Email: shonna@lakeworthplayhouse.org
Phone:  (561) 586-6169

Youth Speak Out International
95 Uno Lago Drive
Juno Beach, FL 33408

Youth Speak Out International empowers youth living in culturally diverse communities to express their thoughts while creating independence through equality in order to create positive global change. Youth Speak Out International provides innovative, hands- on curriculum that delivers creative instruction designed to foster critical thinking, self-exploration, public speaking, media production, life skills and job readiness. The program’s unique and creative approach in combining media education with media creation gives youth the opportunity to create positive change in their local and global community’s year- round to children in afterschool programs.    

William King, Executive Director
Email: wk@youthspeakoutint.org
Phone: (561) 632-6303

Young Singers of the Palm Beaches 
701 Okeechobee Blvd.
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

Young Singers of the Palm Beaches explore musicianship, world cultures, emotions, languages and teamwork with children in afterschool programs. Each session will include activities to develop a natural singing body alignment, freedom of breath, development of intonation, character, diction of several languages and ease of personal vocal freedom through the use of music from various periods, genres and styles.

Shawn Berry, Artistic Director
Email: shawnberry@yspb.org
Phone: (561) 659-2332