iMOTIVATE is an incentive-based recognition program that awards financial incentives to out-of-school time (OST) programs that demonstrate an elevated commitment to implementing positive youth development strategies through a quality improvement process.


This Prime Time strategy is ultimately designed to increase the numbers of high quality afterschool and summer programs that are available in Palm Beach County.  Increasing the quantity of Maintenance Level programs will increase the quality of children’s OST experiences and help children achieve improved outcomes.  iMOTIVATE recognizes program staff member’s accomplishments in championing the quality improvement process above and beyond QIS expectations.



Only QIS participating programs who have achieved Maintenance Level status are eligible for QIS incentives.  In order to achieve Maintenance Level status, the following requirements must be met:

-        The program has achieved an overall score of 4.1 or higher on the Palm Beach County                 Program Quality Assessment Tool (PBC-PQA) Form A consecutively for the two most recent assessment cycles.

-        The program director independently wrote a satisfactory improvement plan (IP) within 90 days of its assessment.

-        The program director independently wrote quarterly satisfactory progress checks that                 clearly reflect the progress made across all goals and goal steps on the program’s IP.

-        The program director independently conducted and documented at the                                          observation-reflection coaching process a satisfactory level on a quarterly basis.

-        The program director conducted and documented quarterly satisfactory staff meeting                 summaries that discuss QIS items and/or progress, challenges, barriers and solutions.

-        The program director completed the self-assessment training process.

Award Amount

Programs that achieve a Maintenance Level status for the first time are eligible for a one-time incentive award in amount of $5,000.  For each subsequent year that a program is re-determined as a Maintenance Level program, it will be eligible for further incentives ranging from $4,000 – $7,000.


Funding is provided by Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County
and is based upon the availability of funds.

More Information


Patrick Freeland

Quality Improvement Manager