Our Story

For 19 years, Prime Time Palm Beach County has been working to help children and youth succeed by strengthening and expanding quality in the out-of-school time (OST) field. As we move into 2020, we would like to share our story to help connect the work with its impact. In 2017-2018, Prime Time had more than 3,000 OST professionals attend its trainings, more than 20,000 youth receive access to Prime Time's expanded learning opportunities and 148 OST programs participated in the Palm Beach County Quality Improvement System. What does this mean for the OST field, program, professional, children and youth? Prime Time's blog, Our Story, will have answers.


We hope you enjoy!

Edna Runner

Meaningful and Impactful Learning is Happening Outside of the Classroom


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Quality Improvement is Always a Journey and Never a Destination

A True Professional in the Out-of-School Time Field

A True Professional in the Out-of-School Time Field


Moving Up with Confidence