Inspired to Empower Teens (Online – Zoom) $

How can you empower teens? That’s the driving question behind this engaging foundational training that focuses on your powerful role as a middle school practitioner and addresses factors influencing teen feelings of empowerment. By considering the purpose and motive behind your work as a Youth Development Professional, you will be encouraged to embrace your role as a leader while learning how to set goals that can help you develop your potential to strengthen, inspire and empower the youth you work with each day.

Please note: only afterschool practitioners working with middle school youth should register for this training.

Core Competencies Addressed
Core Knowledge Area – Professional Development and Leadership:
7.A: Demonstrate professionalism and uphold ethical standards and other professional guidelines in the field – Entry Level and Level 1.
7.B: Integrate reflective practices and critical perspectives on personal performance, including goal setting – Entry Level and Level 1.

Training Objectives
Participants will:
a. Understand the powerful role of a Youth Development Professional
b. Identify the factors that influence teen feelings of empowerment
c. Learn how to use SMART goals to improve their potential to empower youth



Wed, May 20, 2020
9:00 am - 12:00 pm