Ginelle Springer

Ginelle edit

Instructional Design Specialist


Professional Development

Ginelle is intrigued with the direction of learning with a purpose and has combined eight years of skills as a corporate graphic specialist and pre-school teacher with e-learning.
She incorporated STEM curricula that were both fun and met the educational guidelines for her pre-school children to have a successful transition to grade school. Ginelle was involved in STEM research and training, gathering data, and documenting observations using Galileo software, as well as analyzing the outcome from data reports to strengthen teaching techniques.

Ginelle's understanding of engaging adult learners in order to add higher quality to their work was illustrated using learning theories, creating interactive learning activities and workflows at medical facilities. Seeing the unique opportunity to use and introduce e-learning at her former position, led her to pursue opportunities to further advance thee facility in a smooth and seamless way of learning. This gave the learners the ability to learn at their own pace. By designing interactive courses, non-credentialed learners were able to train virtually before having access to the actual system.

Ginelle earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Childhood Development from Ashford University and a Master of Science in Instructional Design and Strategy from Northwestern University.