Lisa Lindeman


Director of Research



Lisa has more than nine years of research experience in the social sciences. She earned her doctorate in psychology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where she conducted independent, experimental research for six years on the relationship between emotion and cognition with a focus on the development of abstract concepts and the feelings they evoke. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, where she spent one year assisting in research on group therapy for minority women with post-traumatic stress. For two years prior to entering graduate school, she worked for a health organization in Washington, D.C., as a researcher, writer and editor, and before joining Prime Time, she conducted psychological evaluations of school-age children in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and performed substantive editing of books and materials for The Journey Program, which used story, myth, and metaphor to heal emotional disturbances in children and youth in local schools and homeless shelters.