Achieve OST Incentive Award Program

ACHIEVE Out-of-School Time ( OST) is a tiered incentive award program that rewards practitioners for participating in trainings and earning certificates and degrees, with an emphasis on best practices in youth development. ACHIEVE OST is designed to increase afterschool program stability and improve program quality by reducing staff turnover and encouraging afterschool practitioners to continue their training and education. Children and youth benefit from continuous care from practitioners who are specialists in the out-of-school-time field, understand best practices in youth development and are sensitive to their needs.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Completed the training hours or education levels listed on the ACHIEVE Out-of-School Time Award Pathway (from a regionally accredited college).
  • Employed at a Palm Beach County OST program participating in the Quality Improvement System (QIS).
  • Employed at a licensed or license-exempt OST program.
  • Earn less than $17.50 per hour.
  • Continuously employed for six or more months at the same OST program.
  • Work at least 15 hours per week with children and youth in grades K-12.
  • A member of the Prime Time OST Registry.


Education Requirement

A minimum amount of youth development training and education is required to be eligible for an ACHIEVE OST incentive. In addition, you must complete continuing education to remain eligible each year. These requirements can be found on the ACHIEVE OST Award Pathway.

Do you need additional training hours? Check out the Prime Time Training Calendar. Prime Time has also compiled a list of online and free/low cost training resources. Click here for more information about training opportunities.



More Information

More Information

Nicole Tarsia

Professional Development Scholarship and Incentives Specialist