ACHIEVE Out-of-School Time (OST) Required Documentation

Please review the instructions below to provide the documentation necessary to process your ACHIEVE OST Application. Your application will be denied if you do not submit the required documentation.


Please follow the instructions for the documentation you were requested to submit in the “ACHIEVE OST Application – Urgent (Incomplete Application)” email:


Employment verification (from supervisor): your supervisor was sent an email to verify your employment. Please remind them to complete the online form they were requested to submit.


Your verified signature:  click here to complete this form.


Registry member update form: there has been a change to your employment information (for example: the program you work at, your job title, work hours, and/or grade level of children you work with has changed). Click here to submit your registry update.


If you were requested to submit your most recent pay stub, updated pay stub and/or W-9, please follow the instructions below. After you save your pay stub and/or W-9 to your computer, click here to upload your documentation.


Most recent pay stub/updated pay stub: if you were requested to submit your most recent pay stub or an updated pay stub, it is because of one of the following reasons: you did not attach your pay stub to the application; the pay stub you attached is in an incorrect format; it is password protected; it does not indicate that you work 15 or more hours per week. Please fax or email an updated pay stub that shows that you meet the ACHIEVE OST eligibility requirements. Your pay stub must include the hours you worked during the corresponding pay period and your hourly rate. You must work a minimum of 30 hours per pay period – 15 or more hours per week – in order to be eligible.


Completed W-9:  click here to download the W-9 Form. Instructions for submitting your W-9:


  • Include your legal name for question one
  • Leave question number two blank
  • Check Individual/sole proprietor or single-member LLC for question three
  • Include your home address for questions five and six. Leave question seven blank
  • Include your Social Security number in Part I
  • Include your handwritten signature and date in Part II
  • Do not type your signature (print, sign, and date the form)
  • Scan or take a clear picture of your W-9 and save it to your computer


Nicole Tarsia

Professional Development Scholarship and Incentives Specialist