CEUs, Certificates and Transcripts

Learner’s Record Privacy and Information Security Policy

Learner records are confidential documents accessible to specific staff in the Professional Development Department at Prime Time.  Security to maintain confidentially of records is strictly enforced. In accordance with this, the following policies are established:

  • No Prime Time Palm Beach County learner information will be sold or disseminated to any other source.
  • A breach in maintenance of record confidentiality by an employee will be grounds for immediate termination of employment.
  • Individual records will not be released except with a written request by the learner and not until the learner’s identity is confirmed.
  • Prime Time maintains a permanent record for learners for a minimum of seven years, for all trainings and courses completed by each learner.
  • Support documents for the academic record are scanned and kept in Prime Time’s records.
  • Learner copies of current transcripts will be available within one business day after successfully submitting a request and the learner’s identity has been verified. Any discrepancies noted in the learner record should be reported within two weeks to Prime Time’s Registry Coach.

Privacy Policy-Learner Records:


The disclosure of information from student records is governed in large measure by the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, by the State of Florida Education Code, in accordance with all United States of America laws: and by Prime Time Palm Beach County policy and procedures implementing these laws, which protect the learner’s right of privacy, provide safeguards for the confidentiality of learner records, and permit learners access to their own records.

Pursuant to the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, and Prime Time Palm Beach County policies applying to the disclosure of information from learner records, learners have the following rights:

  1. To inspect and review records pertaining to themselves in their capacity as learners;
  2. To inspect records maintained by Prime Time Palm Beach County for disclosure of personally identifiable information from their learner records;
  3. To seek correction of their learner records through a request to amend the record.


Retention and Release Policy-Permanent Records

  • The official transcript of a learner’s academic record is released only upon receipt of a written request from the learner authorizing the release. No other transcript request is honored.
  • In order to request a release of their information learners must go to the Registry page on Prime Time’s website: www.primetimepbc.org and enter their Registry number, date of birth and password. If this is correct, their transcript will be sent to their preferred email address within the database.  If a learner enters the wrong password but correct date of birth and Registry number, the learner can reset their password using their security answer.  If the security answer is incorrect, they must contact the Registry Coach to have their identity verified.  This will be done through confirmation of additional information (address, phone number, email address, social security number, etc.)  Once their identity is confirmed, they will be able to reset their password and request the transcript again.


Record Information Input and Maintenance:

The Registry coach and Professional Development assistant have the responsibilities of inputting information and maintaining learners’ records as follows:


The Professional Development Assistant:

  • Enters a learner’s training registration into Prime Time’s database within 48 hours of registration.
  • Enters a learner’s training attendance into the database within 24 hours of attending the training.
  • Confirms learner’s successful completion of IACET Continuing Education Unit (CEU) requirements within one week of the training and enters this information into the database.
  • Sends a training completion certificate to the learner within seven (7) business days via email after successful completion requirements are verified by the trainer.

The Registry Coach:

  • Maintains records by sending out an “Update Form” to learners every six months to ensure learners’ records have the most updated information. Learners are informed that any incorrect information must be corrected within two weeks by contacting the Registry Coach.  The Registry Coach will either direct learners to complete the update form though the website or adjust the information directly in the database through phone or email after verifying the learner’s identity.  If the information is to be adjusted directly in the database by the Registry Coach, the learner’s identity will be verified through obtaining their Registry number, date of birth and password.  If they are unsure of this information, their identity will be verified using additional pieces of information in the registry (security answer, social security number, address, etc.).
  • Releases and issues learner records when requested through the Prime Time website or via email or over the phone after the learner’s identity has been verified.



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Elisa Moro

Career Advisor and Registry Coach