Expanded Learning Opportunities – Middle School

Prime Time strives to provide youth with a wide range of hands-on learning experiences. In partnership with local content expert organizations, Prime Time makes available expanded learning opportunities (ELOs) to eligible afterschool and summer programs.

The ELOs listed below are offered to out-of-school time programs serving middle school-age youth.





Exploring Technology

Program offering focuses on computer programming, coding, robotics, media production, etc., that provides children and youth vital exploration and discovery skills to apply in a variety of ways, equipping them for the future.

Green Mouse Academy - Technology Arts Discovery

Green Mouse Academy’s Tech Arts Discovery offerings include robotics, engineering, coding, game design, animation, digital art and design technology.  Participants experience the entire process of creating, problem-solving and overcoming obstacles, while gaining confidence in their abilities to positively use technology.  Courses may include: Mission Moon (FIRST LEGO League Jr), Introduction to Robotics (LEGO), Game Design and Coding with Bloxels, Stop Motion Animation Chefs), Ozobot Adventures and Design Technology with Infento.


Courses are delivered in six to eight, one-hour sessions. Green Mouse Academy encourages extension activities, providing site staff with materials to organize their own culminating event for children to celebrate what they’ve learned.



Green Mouse Academy

Amy Erickson, Program Director

901 Northpoint Pkwy, #100 West Palm Beach, FL 33407


(561) 630-6549



Caring for the Whole Child

Program offering addresses mind and body health, explores mindfulness, emotional awareness and emotion management for overall wellness; physical activity (such as running, non-competitive sports, etc.), healthy eating habits or obesity prevention, etc.

Digital Vibez - Fitness Jamz

The Fitness Jamz program, provided by Digital Vibez, is designed to combat childhood obesity by fostering a love of fitness by teaching children and youth how to incorporate physical activity and healthy behaviors into their everyday lives. Participants learn a variety of dance styles, accompanied by music from diverse cultures, and are introduced to a variety of physical games that encourage aerobic movement. Additionally, the participants are able to track their steps in each session utilizing a pedometer. Total steps for each child and class are recorded and monitored.

Digital Vibez offers the Fitness Jamz program in eight, one-hour sessions. The eight sessions conclude with a culminating event involving educational activities for the participants and their families.a



Digital Vibez

Cassy Romelus, Program Director

2635 Old Okeechobee Rd.

West Palm Beach, FL 33409


(561) 355-5546



Discovering Arts and Culture

Program offering gives children and youth the opportunity to discover arts and culture: dance, music, theater, visual arts, spoken word poetry, digital arts, writing, etc., opening up possibilities of future interest or career pathways, with hopes to enrich their lives into adulthood.

Youth Speak Out International - Today’s Technology and Communication

Youth Speak Out International’s Today’s Technology and Communication program aims to help children and youth become culturally competent and media literate, as they become better communicators.  Through group discussions, research and collaboration with peers and adults, the participants tackle social problems that are stemming from the overuse of on-screen technology and a lack of face-to-face communication.  They write scripts, illustrate storyboards, practice the art of nonverbal communication, operate iPads, and other needed production equipment to complete a one-minute public service announcement. The entire media production process is youth-driven and culminates in a community forum that will showcase the completed projects to family, friends and community leaders.


Each group of children and youth meet for one hour per week for eight consecutive weeks for a total of eight sessions.




Youth Speak Out International

William King, Executive Director

4300 S. US HWY 1, Ste 203-16, Jupiter, FL 33477


(561) 632-6303



Supporting School-day Academic Learning

Program offering is related to, but does not replicate the school-day curriculum; aligns with Next Generation Sunshine State standards; addresses subjects such as, but not limited to, language arts, literacy, mathematics, science, social studies; offers hands-on active learning that is youth-focused, and encourages exploration and inquiry.

Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society - Going Wild for STEAM

The Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society’s Going Wild for STEAM is a high-quality, interdisciplinary enrichment program that provides children and youth with dynamic, hands-on learning. This program aligns with the school-day curriculum, meets Florida’s benchmarks and standards and follows the School District of Palm Beach County’s Scope and Sequence for Science. The Zoo’s design and teaching are based on scaffolding instruction techniques and integrate elements of social and emotional learning (SEL) into instruction. Each lesson is a building block for the next.


Each site receives five, one-hour sessions with live animals and a visit to the Palm Beach Zoo with a one-hour technology-based program activity. Offerings include: Super Senses, Habitat Sweet Home, Zoo Detectives, When I Get a Pet, Nature All Around Us, Our World Around Us, Culture of Classification, Animal Behavior Basics, Saving Species Part I and II, Biomimicry Engineer, Field Biology, Veterinary Medicine, Climate Change Interpreter and Zoo Exhibit Designer/Collection Management.



Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society

Cara Zarate, Group Reservations Coordinator

1301 Summit Boulevard West Palm Beach, FL 33405


(561) 533-0887 ext. 229


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Dante Drummer

Community Partnerships Manager