Middle School Initiative

Prime Time Palm Beach County offers supports and services to out-of-school time programs serving middle school-age youth. Prime Time helps to strengthen out-of-school time programs by offering:


  • Program assessment, tailored coaching and feedback for program continuous improvement
  • Staff training and opportunities to earn college credits
  • Enrichment programming from content experts in the arts, technology and wellness, to name a few.
  • Training and support for the development Teen Advisory Councils
  • Monetary incentives for staff


Prime Time is very excited to offer resources designed for out-of-school time programs serving middle school-age youth. If you are interested in becoming part of Prime Time's Middle School Initiative, please contact Anton Spalding, Middle School Professional Specialist.

Middle School-Focused Trainings

The middle school training series is comprised of the following four core trainings designed to complement each other and provide a holistic learning experience.

Click here to visit our  middle school-focused training calendar to start your registration.


Teens and the Family Connection

  • 2/26/2020 Teens and the Family Connection - Part 1
  • 3/11/2020 Teens and the Family Connection - Part 2

Prime Time is authorized by IACET to offer 0.8 CEUs for this training.

This powerful training shifts the attention to families and the critical role they play in ensuring that teens succeed. While exploring the challenges of raising a family in our hectic modern society, you will learn how to increase your connection with families and involve them more fully in their teens' efforts in your out-of-school time program. Additionally, you will be equipped with several key principles and strategies to help you actively build a strong platform for effective family engagement.

Engaging Teens

Coming Soon...

In this age of distraction, getting the attention of teens can seem nearly impossible. However, with the right knowledge and approach, it can be done! Learn how to attract and engage middle school youth in a way that empowers and motivates them. This training examines the thought processes of the adolescent brain and provides specific strategies for developing and offering effective and engaging programs and activities that keep teens coming back.

Building a Positive Community with Teens

In order to learn, stay engaged, and develop as individuals, teens need a safe, predictable, joyful and inclusive space where they can experience belonging, significance and emotional safety. They also need to feel comfortable taking risks and working with their peers. How can you create such a space for the teens you work with? This active and interactive training provides specific strategies, fun group activities, and relationship-building meeting structures that will help you to establish a community that promotes positive experiences for teens.


Teen Advisory Councils Part 1 and 2

In this captivating two part hands-on training, which centers on youth-adult partnerships, you'll learn how to create, run, and sustain a fun and effective Teen Advisory Council that will strengthen your community and provide numerous benefits for both teens and adults.


Inspired to Empower Teens

This foundational training is about you. It focuses on your powerful role as a middle school practitioner and examines your potential effect on teens. While considering the purpose and motive behind your work as a Youth Development Professional you will learn how to develop your potential to strengthen, inspire and empower the youth you work with each day.

What Is The Zone?

The Zone is Prime Time's new Facebook group
exclusively for middle school programs and practitioners. There you'll be able to find the latest tips and resources, receive follow-up support for middle school trainings, share questions and ideas with other practitioners who work with teens, receive personalized feedback from Prime Time's Middle School Professional Development Specialist, and more.



  • Weekly "In the Zone" feature posts with inspiring videos, resources and strategies to complement trainings and help enhance your work
  • Monthly "Chat Back & Win!" polls
  • Middle school training follow-up Q&A
  • Direct links to the latest Prime Time middle school trainings
  • Photos and videos from your programs
  • Stories, successes, lessons learned, ideas, projects and best practices from your peers
  • Information and guidance to help you run your Teen Advisory Council
  • Opportunity to schedule Prime Time staff visits to your program site
  • Access to helpful downloadable resources
  • Shared platform to network and stay connected to your peers in the middle school out-of-school time field
  • An outlet to share your passion for empowering teens

Get inspired. Be heard. Make an impact.

If you currently work with middle school-aged youth, you can request to join The Zone: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thezoneprimetimepbc/