Scholarship Application Required Documentation

Please review the instructions below to provide the documentation necessary to process your Scholarship Application. Your application will be denied if you do not submit the required documentation.

Please follow the instructions for the documentation you were requested to submit in the “Scholarship Application – Urgent (Incomplete Application)” email:


Employment verification (from supervisor): your supervisor was sent an email to verify your employment. Please remind them to complete the online form they were requested to submit.


Your verified signature: if you were requested to submit your verified signature, click here to complete this form.


Registry application: if you were requested to submit a registry application, click here. Choose to take the orientation in-person, online or at your site. After you complete the orientation you will be directed to complete the registry application. Within a few days of submitting your application you will receive a welcome letter with your Registry Member ID. Forward your welcome letter to


Registry member update form: if you were requested to provide a registry member update form, this is because your current employer listed on your application and your registry transcript does not match. Please click here to update your current employment information in the registry. After you have updated your information in the registry, please notify


Prime Time career advising verification: contact Elisa Moro – Prime Time’s Career Advisor – at 561-600-9528 or and let Elisa know that you are contacting her in reference to your scholarship application.


There are multiple ways to submit the following required documentation to Prime Time, and some options are described below. Click here to upload your documentation; or email it to, or fax it to 561-327-4882.


Option 1:  if you are using Google Chrome as your browser, click the “Print” button. If there is no ”Print” button, click “Ctrl-P.” Change the Print Destination to “Save as PDF” and save it to your computer.

Option 2:  if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, click the “Print” button. If there is no ”Print” button, click “Ctrl-P.” Select “Adobe PDF” as your printer, click “Print” and save it your computer.

Option 3: scan, make a screenshot or take a clear picture.

Option 4: copy the text on the web page and paste it in a word document or into an email.


PBSC class schedule: go to Click “Panther Web” and enter your Student ID and Password. Click “Class Schedule” and select the term. Email your schedule to your PBSC email address and forward this email to Prime Time.


Updated class schedule: if you were requested to provide an updated class schedule, it is because you have not added the necessary prerequisite courses to your schedule. For more information regarding the youth development pathways and the correct courses to add to your schedule, please contact Elisa Moro – Prime Time Career Advisor – at emoro@www.primetimepbc.orgor 561-600-9528.


PBSC Program Objective Code (POC): go to Click “Panther Web” and enter your Student ID and Password. Click “Advising – Graduation Status:”


  • If your POC includes 6387, submit this information to Prime Time.
  • If your POC does not include 6387, go to “My Details – Program of Study.” Click “Submit” to add a new program of study. Under the section that states “Please select the reason for a change of program” check “Add a program” and enter 6387 as your secondary program of study code. Forward the PBSC email indicating that your POC change form was submitted to


Class registration history: go to Click “Panther Web” and enter your Student ID and Password. Click “Registration – Registration History” and choose the class term.


DCF invoice: go to Click: Services – Child Care – Training Login. Enter the request information. Click: Instructor Led or Online Courses Enroll/Un-enroll. Click - Online Course Enroll. Select the training area that corresponds to the courses that you are registering to take. Select each module you plan to take and hit next until you get to the screen that tells you that you have been registered. Click: Pay for Courses. Select Palm Beach State College and hit next. Click the box next to the courses and hit next. Then click on the button that says “Print Payment/Registration Info” and the invoice will be displayed.


Event registration form: if you were requested to provide your event registration form, please submit the event invoice to Prime Time.


PBSC Transcript: go to Click “Panther Web” and enter your Student ID and Password. Click “View Transcript.”


DCF Transcript: go to Click “Services – Child Care – Training Login.” Enter the request information. Click “My Student Information and Transcript.” Scroll to the bottom of the page and aim your cursor at the middle of the screen. Save your DCF transcript as a PDF file on your computer.



Nicole Tarsia

Professional Development Scholarship and Incentives Specialist